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Night World de L.J.Smith

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Secret Vampire  
Poppy is a normal teenage girl, until she is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Her best friend James, secretly a vampire and her soulmate, rushes to find a cure only to find out that less than three percent of patients with pancreatic cancer survive this horrific disease. So, James decides to turn Poppy into a vampire. After Poppy is turned, James' cousin Ash complicates things and steals Poppy away and takes her to Las Vegas to be killed. In the end, James saves her and brings her back. Poppy is described as having babyish features and green eyes. It is also stated at the end, that Poppy is a 'Lost Witch'. A lost witch is a witch that is brought up as a human. (Doesn't know they are a witch) so is her brother apperently. 

Daughters of Darkness

Vampire sisters Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade Redfern escape from their homeland on an island in the Night World to live with their Aunt Opal on Burdock Farm. Things take a turn for the worse when the girls discover their aunt has been killed and their ruthless brother Ash has followed them, to bring them home or kill them. Meanwhile, the sisters and Ash meet the Carters next door, and Ash, who hates humans, discovers that Mary-Lynette Carter, a human, is his Soulmate. Jade is also Soulmates with Mary- Lynette's brother, Mark. 

Spell Binder

Thea and Blaise Harman are witches and are like sisters. There's only one slight difference: Thea uses white magic and Blaise uses black magic. Blaise uses her charm and magic to make boys do anything for her, including cutting themselves with razors and burning down schools. When they start over at a new school and Thea heals Eric Ross from a snake bite, Thea and Eric realize they are Soulmates. Blaise is jealous that Eric has chosen Thea, and worried that Thea is breaking Night World law to be with Eric. In a desperate attempt to protect Eric from Blaise, Thea accidentally releases an angry spirit, and all hell breaks loose while she tries to find her soulmate. 
Adăugaţi o legendă

Dark Angel

After a near-death experience in a forest, Gillian Lennox is brought back to life by someone who calls himself Angel. He sticks with her and helps her change her life, whispering advice and making her the most popular girl at school and uniting her with her long-time crush. Everything is perfect until Angel starts making strange requests and people start getting hurt, and Gillian learns about her heritage.a family of withches. But can she resist the pull she as to him, or will she give in? 

The Chosen

After witnessing the murders of her mother and friend by a ruthless vampire, Rashel Jordan becomes vampire hunter The Cat, dedicating her life to killing all vampires one by one. And then one night she meets her Soulmate Quinn, a cold-hearted and dangerous vampire. She uses the opportunity to infiltrate a blood feast and to rescue captured humans and kill as many vampires as possible, but can she resist her Soulmate? Rashel is described as having emerald or cat green eyes she also has dark hair. 


Hannah has been having nightmares and keeps finding notes written in her own handwriting, warning her that she is in danger and will die before her seventeenth birthday. Worried about her sanity, she begins hypnosis with a psychologist, going back through time and reliving her past lives, connecting to each of them and discovering that her Soulmate is Thierry, a vampire and a Lord of the Night World. And now Thierry and his enemy Maya have found Hannah, and Hannah's life is at stake, but who can she trust? 


Jez Redfern thought she was a vampire but soon finds out she's wrong, she is in fact half human. She runs away from her gang and Uncle Bracken and lives with her human relatives, only to go back when Circle Daybreak asks Jez to go on a dangerous mission: to fight her worst enemy, best friend and soulmate Morgead Blackthorn for the Wild Power. But that all goes wrong when they are all captured by Lily Redfern, Hunter Redfern's daughter. 

Black Dawn

Maggie stumbles upon an old Night World kingdom when trying to rescue her brother from a witch, where she meets a vampire prince, Delos, who is her soulmate, but is fighting the feelings the whole time, saying he can't love her and hates humans. Delos is a Wild Power. After Hunter Redfern himself appears to take over the kingdom with Delos' help, Delos, with Maggie's help, realises Hunter Redfern is his enemy.  


Raksha Keller and her team race to a mall to save the new Wild Power, Iliana Harman. The new Wild Power is destined to marry Galen Drache a shapeshifter of the first house, so the shapeshifters will side with the witches and not the vampires. But when Keller realizes the wild power's betrothed, Galen Drache, is in fact her soulmate, their love could destroy the world. 

Strange Fate

Book ten follows a sixteen-year-old girl named Sarah Strange, who has mysterious dreams of Night World inhabitants. This is an epic volume, which stars all the most beloved Night Worlders from the other books. Release date will be on April 26, 2011 

Seria ar trebuii sa fie scoasa si la noi, cu siguranta cei pasionati de genul acesta si iubitorii autoarei L.J.Smith o vor  aprecia foarte mult. 

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